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Gowan Seed is a retail seed company with knowledgeable Product Development and Sales staff in all of the major growing regions of the continental United States.  Whether it be leafy vegetables in the Salinas Valley or Yuma, onions in the Columbia Basin or Vidalia, watermelons in Texas or Florida, rest assured that there is a knowledgeable Gowan Seed professional to service your needs.

Since the beginning of the company, Gowan Seed has strived to train and attain team members with the highest level of product knowledge. With this product knowledge our team members have become essential partners in some of the largest and most progressive farming operations in the nation.


If you are interested in growing a new crop, or are seeking to replace a variety that you are currently using, we are well equipped to assist your operation. To take advantage of the resources available from Gowan Seed contact one of our knowledgeable field representatives in your growing region.






Osborne Quality Seeds is an independent, family owned seed dealer located in the fertile Skagit Valley of Washington State. Specializing in innovative varieties and excellent customer service for 40 years, our sales and customer service staff aim to provide you with the information and products that you need to set the foundation for a successful crop. 


Supplying growers of all sizes throughout the United States and Canada with high-quality seed, our selection includes vegetable, flower, herb, and cover crop seeds--including both hybrid and open-pollinated varieties. Committed to sustainable agriculture, we provide organic options whenever possible in addition to conventionally produced seed. Our employees are continuously working to streamline the processes to get orders to you as fast and accurately as possible.


We work with many seed vendors, both large and small, and trial extensively throughout North America to find the best of the new varieties alongside the tried and true to help make you, our customer, successful.


Spanish speaking customer service support is offered for our Spanish speaking customers. 


Gowan Seed Mexico was founded in February 2004 with deep respect for the intersection of technology and science to provide farmers with products that yield the best possible results. 


For over 15 years, farmers have depended on Gowan Seed Mexico to source and deliver the highest quality world-class hybrid seeds from top seed producers.  Gowan Seed Mexico has established itself as an industry leader for local and exported seeds while supporting farmers in their growth.





Gowan Cotton Company’s exclusive Hybrid Cotton Technology allows it to be one of the top Extra Long Staple cotton brands in the world.

Our specialized Hybrid Cotton is capable of growing in areas with less heat units than traditional Pima, which opens up brand new regions to Extra Long Staple cotton where only Upland cotton was traditionally grown.


These Hybrid Cotton varieties take the best characteristics of Pima and Upland types and combine them into one plant. This cutting-edge technology provides farmers with extreme water use efficiency, strong soil-borne disease resistance, maximum fertilizer use efficiency, and unparalleled vigor. 


Farmers around the world are now experiencing cotton that sells like a Pima but yields like an Upland!

We supply growers of all sizes throughout the United States and Canada with high-quality seed. We offer a Spanish language catalog and Spanish speaking customer service support for our Spanish speaking customers. Choosing the best varieties for your situation is one way to set the foundation for a successful crop.






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To contact our sales department please call 831-679-1900 or email

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